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Mining for Revenue: Turning 15 Cents into an HMO Dollar

Like most clinics, your office has probably decided to accept Medicare Advantage plans by now. So what is your plan of attack? Most providers are going to say that it is time to get each patient enrolled in these plans into the office for the all-important health assessment. Most office managers are going to prepare…

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You Be the Coder: June

38 year old Female presented to the office for scheduled Essure sterilization. Patient identified, local anesthesia administered and the patient was placed in dorsal recumbent position. The physician uses a speculum to open the cervix and then places the hysteroscope to carry the coils into the fallopian tubes. Multiple attempts were taken to place the…

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Coding for Cardiac Catheterization

Cardiac catheterization is a diagnostic test to examine the heart or coronary vessels or both. There are two sets of codes differentiated by examination for congenital and all other conditions. The corresponding “code map” demonstrates correct coding for noncongenital cardiac catheterizations. Regardless of the target disease cardiac catheterization includes: conscious sedation, introduction, roadmapping angiography, positioning…

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History of Present Illness: Severity

Severity is a statement or a rating of intensity (0-10) from the patient that indicates the degree or measurement of how bad the chief complaint is. This rating not only is documented based on 0-10 scale, but it can be captured using phrases such as: worsening, improving, and increasing. An auditor performing a medical necessity…

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Template to Fulfill Home Health Requirements

Open door forums are being held to discuss the use of a template to aid in fulfilling the face-to-face requirement for Medicare beneficiaries receiving home health care. “In fiscal year (FY) 2014, the Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT) program found that more than half (51.4 percent) of the home health claims were paid improperly. Of…

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Pain Management Specialty

The pain management specialty has seen more than its share of coding and reimbursement changes throughout the past few years. 2015 brought another round of changes for this specialty: a major revision to a commonly used coding set, reimbursement rate changes, and bundling of needle placement guidance with joint injections, to name a few.  …

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