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Examining The Fraud Triangle

Federal healthcare fraud recoveries totaled upwards of $2.3B in the 2018 fiscal year. This staggering sum is proof enough that healthcare fraud is here to stay as an unfortunate reality of the industry. Providers, patients, and insurers alike have all been complicit in various scams and schemes – which brings to mind the question: why…

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Fraud Spotlight: Compounding Pharmacy Fraud

Recently, the State of New Jersey, Division of Consumer Affairs (the department that administers, among other things, the Prescription Monitoring Program [PMP]), reclassified a drug known as Gabapentin.  In reclassifying the drug, it is now considered a scheduled drug in New Jersey, and must now be part of the PMP reporting. For those that do not…

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5 Ways to Have a Better Day

As a part of our YogAuditing initiative, Advize Health has brought on board two yoga instructors dedicated to the practice and its principles. Designed to enrich life and improve work performance, YogAuditing is a movement to inspire movement. Follow the journey with us by subscribing to our newsletter, reading our blogs, tuning in to our…

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