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You’re Credentialed – So What?

The following blog post was written by one of Advize Health’s most experienced auditors; Dawn Landry. No matter what we do in life, only experience makes us better. None of us walked, rode a bike, or swam perfectly the first time we tried. We had to invest time and effort into first learning and then…

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Healthcare, You Are A Creep

Healthcare, you’re a creep. You’re a weirdo. What the hell are we doing here? Our project doesn’t belong here. Was Radiohead writing about healthcare scope creep? We think yes. The key triangle in project management sets out to depict and demonstrate the constraints of a project: time, cost, and scope. The holy trinity of constraints is…

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What’s Up With These Updated Privacy Policies?

We’ve updated our privacy policy. Does this sentence look familiar? If you’re an active user of the Internet, then it should. Inboxes around the globe are being inundated with updated privacy policies, a verbose consequence of the European Union’s new set of privacy protections. The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect…

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What is Maternalism in Healthcare?

The United States healthcare system is responsible for several crowning achievements, modern innovations, and…failures. Among those failures is the creation of helicopter patient care. You’ve heard about helicopter parenting, the overbearing, over-anxious, micromanagement of children – but we’ve been adopting a similar philosophy when it comes to patient care and patient communication. It might be…

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Behavioral Health Billing Errors

A 2017 audit fronted by Massachusetts State Senator Suzanne M. Bump revealed over $190 billion dollars in improper or ambiguous payments within MassHealth’s Behavioral Health program. The audit uncovered years of questionable billing practices, lack of administrative oversight, and conflicting understandings of requirements, regulations, and internal policies. The Senator went on the record explaining the…

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Where To Find Free CEUs

Continuing Education Units (CEU) for healthcare professionals who are credentialed by the AAPC are worth their weight in gold. CEUs are a necessary tool for all medical coders and auditors as they are not only required for certification maintenance, but because they keep professionals current on industry trends. The AAPC has a set of guidelines…

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We Need to Talk About Transgender Healthcare

Earlier this week, Advize Health partnered with Grassi Healthcare Advisors to host a webinar on transgender healthcare. This webinar sought out to educate the healthcare community not only on coding for transgender patients, but on every aspect of care for this critically underserved population, from claims denials to the cost of transitioning. The convergence of…

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Meet Your New MBI

If you’re covered by Medicare, or if your patients are covered by it – you’re about to start feeling more of the effects of The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) of 2015. Most organizations have been preparing for MACRA’s ripple effects for years, so this wave of change may just be another to…

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Sound Bites From HIMSS18

HIMSS 2018 returned to the bustling city of Las Vegas for the first time since 2016 determined to keep their promise of being “where the world connects for health”.  Drawing in guests from around the world, HIMSS is the premiere conference for those working in the healthcare technology space. With a focus on innovation, interoperability,…

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Something Smells Phishy

Phishing is a common fraudulent practice that involves, “sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers”. Phishing is an example of deceptive social engineering, one that exploits cybersecurity weaknesses held across most industries, including healthcare. Phishing attempts are typically…

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