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Meet PAM, the Amoeba in Your Backyard

The Florida Health Department has been busy this summer, with this year’s fourth reported case of primary amebic meningoencephalitis (PAM) striking an undisclosed patient. PAM is an infection caused by a parasitic amoeba known as Naegleria fowleri, a parasite that thrives in warm freshwater environments. Florida, known for its subtropical climate and wetland ecosystem, has…

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Bad Reputation: Big Pharma’s Eventful Year

Thinking back to late 2015, the pharmaceutical industry was shaken by a tsunami of criticism and vitriol, all thanks to the rapacity of Big Pharma “bad boy” Martin Shkreli. You may recall Shkreli’s ill-received decision to jack up the price of Daraprim from $13.50 a pill, to an inconceivable $750 per pill only one month…

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Hanging Up Your Nurse’s Cap?

Nurses of the past, present, and future; thank you. Thank you for your dedication to providing care and comfort to every single healthcare consumer that you’ve encountered. Thank you for your commitment to excellence, to education, and to kindness. Your efforts are not and will not be forgotten. Rewarding as it is, nursing is a…

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Mindfulness at Work

This article, written by an Advize Health team member and Yoga enthusiast is the second installment in a series that will help you answer the question: What Is YogAuditing? If practicing mindfulness is proven to increase your productivity, your emotional intelligence and improve your clarity and ability to cope with stress, why wouldn’t you want…

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Healthcare’s Data Vulnerability Problem

A study conducted by three universities has revealed a fatal flaw in the healthcare industry’s cyber security operations – lack of cohesion between cyber security protocol and the proper execution of such procedures. Healthcare organizations are vulnerable to data breaches because cyber security efforts are perceived as an interruption of clinical workflow, rather than as…

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Cybersecurity: Are You Helping the Hackers?

Last year, Houston-based software and security company Netiq released a Cyberthreat Defense Report that published alarming statistics on the apparent vulnerabilities in Healthcare IT. Data breaches, compromised patient information, medical identity theft, and gaping holes in Cloud infrastructure are among the top contenders for worst offenses. Now, a year later, the statistics are rising, and…

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AMA Encourages Medical Schools to Teach Telemedicine

At the forefront of patient-centered medical technology, telemedicine has been gaining traction for quite some time, but its emergence as the future of patient care is only now crystallizing. In an industry as transformative as healthcare it is difficult to create a consistent curriculum that is also congruent with the times – which may be…

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Confessions of a Yoga Volunteer

Yoga is a global experience. It crosses all walks of life, age and geographic location. This 2000 year old practice is nothing less than a global mind shift from all that is outside of yourself to cultivating a mindful presence in this moment. I still struggle with what in yoga is called “monkey mind” or…

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Whistle Blower Costs NJ Hospital $450,000 In Recent Settlement

On May 31, 2016 the US Attorney’s Office for the District of New Jersey published a press release regarding the latest settlement for health care fraud in the state involving Saint Michael’s Medical Center and four individual physicians who submitted false claims for procedures that were not deemed medically necessary. These allegations come from a…

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