Some estimate that $260 billion(180 billion euros)—or approximately 6 percent of global health care spending—is lost to fraud each year. This amount is equivalent to the GDP of a country like Finland or Malaysia being stolen on an annual basis. But the most troubling aspect of global health care fraud is that its perpetrators have created a zero-sum game, wherein the money, care and resources needed to sustain and improve global health are essentially being rerouted toward greedy and immoral individuals and groups.

Global Health Care Anti-Fraud Network (GHCAN)

Comprehensive Solutions for Global Businesses

Our clients have a global reach and our services do not just start and end in the United States, for years we have worked on enhancing our ability to offer compliant international healthcare solutions.

We started by collaborating with international health fraud waste and abuse subject matter experts over the years to develop models and tactics to fight fraud together.  The frauds might differ slightly, but the people and ways in which they execute their frauds are extraordinarily similar.  

Our services extend far beyond reviewing a medical record in a different language or from a different country, we have created a partnership and work very closely with a team of experts to meet the language needs of our clients.  By serving as a full service language provider, with a wide range of services including language training, translation, interpretation, and cultural competence in over 200+ languages, we are able to help our clients succeed, no matter what your language needs may be.

We leverage tools to build a solution that fits any language-related need your organization or agency has. Our comprehensive background allows us to scale our services to your needs and requirements. We will work with your team to determine your specific language service or cultural training requirements and tailor the program to fit.

We also maintain the staff and resources to supply interpretation and translation services, including on-demand services, to allow you to communicate at the expert level your agency requires.