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Groundbreaking Week in Healthcare Fraud

We talk to you every week about trials and cases that are in our rearview mirror.  Often what we worked on directly.  Sometimes we talk about areas of interest like healthcare cost and changing policy.  Sometimes we bring you best practices based on our clients.  Well, step aside normal headlines.  This week the Berny Madoff…

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Celebrating One of Our Own For International Women’s Day

March 8, 2016 is known as International Women’s Day, a day to recognize and praise the advancements that women have made in society since the day’s creation in 1908.  International Women’s Day offers Advize Health an excellent opportunity to praise one of our very own powerful, professional women – Navreet Dhaliwal. Advize Health is proud…

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Reaping the Benefits of a Remote Workforce

FastCompany recently published an article on hiring and managing a workforce that is almost exclusively remote.  The article mentions the corporate benefits of hiring remote workers, from employing intrinsically motivated employees, to recognizing job performance based on results rather than time.  Building a team of geographically dispersed employees requires structure, and communication is essential to a…

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