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Dental Fraud: Standard of Care Violations

Even more than money … what about the standard of care? This week’s Fraud Spotlight features guest contributor Mark R. Brengelman, JD, MA. Be sure to tune into the column for more expert insights from our network of providers, investigators, and fraud experts. This article points out another violation of law related to dental misconduct in addition…

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Rinse & Spit: Investigating Dental Fraud

Next Week On The Blog: Jeanmarie Loria sits down with her partner Eric Rubenstein, retired OIG Agent, to ask him why he had more cases on pharmacy pain management and DME than dental fraud.  Dental fraud stinks worse than the most severe case of halitosis.    Picture this.   Brooklyn NY 1960. All 5 of…

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Are you Tired of the Sales Pitch From Your Dentist?

Many times when going into a dentist appointment recently, dentists are always trying to sell add on dental products to the patient. Even when going in for a simple routine visit, your appointment turns into a pressured sales pitch! The add-on dental products to expect include: In office bleaching Take home bleaching 1000 different paste (Sensitivity, whitening, fluoride…) Rinses…

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