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The Legalities of Telemedicine: Licensing, Reimbursement, Liability & Other Issues

Advize Health’s Director of Litigation, FWA Support Eric Rubenstein will be joining fellow expert Margaret J. Davino (Fox Rothschild LLP) in a breakfast program dedicated to exploring the many legalities of telemedicine and telehealth. As telehealth expands to (among other uses) ambulatory settings, EDs and psychiatry, unique legal concerns must be addressed, including providing services…

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Tips for Selecting a Subject Matter Expert

Litigation is a lengthy process and one that requires the involvement of a multitude of people throughout its life cycle. More often than not, an Expert Witness or Subject Matter Expert (SME) will need to be called in. This holds true across all areas of legal practice, and the hunt for a qualified, objective SME…

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How Health Care Law Can Fix the EHR Problem

In what has been touted by industry experts as, “…the most important article no one [else] will read”, The Sedona Conference Journal has released an article diagnosing the many legal “illnesses” that plague Electronical Health Records (EHR), and the subsequent sharing of private information.  EHR was once regarded as the savior of health care information…

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Pre-Litigation Considerations

Law firms have been known to enlist the help of a third-party when dealing with healthcare fraud cases. This is because in addition to investigating the allegations against one party, there is a myriad of additional pre-litigation considerations. In multi-faceted cases in which health plan overpayments are being pursued within the judicial system an audit…

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