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Do All Medical Records Have Errors?

“One-hundred percent of medical records have errors,” Heather Gantzer, MD, immediate past chair of the American College of Physicians’ Board of Regents, told MedPage Today. Well, that is a strong quote.  Not sure we agree with all medical records having errors but we will say that we enjoyed the Open Notes Shines Light on Errors in…

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medical record auditing for medical necessity

Auditing Medical Records for Medical Necessity

A little background, one of areas where Advize provides consulting services is in the medical record review space.  We have been providing this service to clients for over 20 years, both proactively, and reactively. Our CEO, Jeanmarie Loria, was actually a part of the development of the medical record review platform used by the Medicare contractors…

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Profiting Off Of COVID-19? You Better Be Documenting.

Retired OIG Special Agent and Advize’s Director of Litigation & FWA Support will be stepping in each week to examine current fraud trends from the lens of an investigator. Stay tuned for weekly insights, updates, and information on healthcare’s most expensive crimes. Over the past couple of weeks, I have seen an unbelievable number of…

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Medical Record Retrievals: Why Outsource?

Medical records can be requested for several reasons, with the most common being a) for litigation purposes, and b) for medical record reviews. These highly coveted bundles of documentation are the focal point of many insurance related trials, and of course, documentation reviews sanctioned by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and various…

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Risky Retrievals

For years, whenever we began launching a medical record review project, clients and physicians alike would ask us the same question: Why can’t you come onsite to pick up the requested records? The easy answer would have been to say that we simply hadn’t performed record retrievals before, but we had vested interest in doing…

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Surviving the Medical Record Retrieval Process

Tackling a project as intricate as Medical Record Retrievals may seem daunting – and it is, but you can still make it through unscathed. Perhaps your firm was enlisted by an attorney, health plan, or medical auditing organization to retrieve medical records directly from a provider’s office. What tools do you need? How do you…

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