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The Best (& Worst) States for Healthcare

In a 2017 survey, the Centers for Disease Control reported that 88.1% of the American population has a primary care physician or a fixed provider for medical care. Despite these impressive numbers, the United States falls behind on significant healthcare measures. Nationwide statistics such as this are few and far in between for Americans, as…

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What is Maternalism in Healthcare?

The United States healthcare system is responsible for several crowning achievements, modern innovations, and…failures. Among those failures is the creation of helicopter patient care. You’ve heard about helicopter parenting, the overbearing, over-anxious, micromanagement of children – but we’ve been adopting a similar philosophy when it comes to patient care and patient communication. It might be…

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How Health Care Law Can Fix the EHR Problem

In what has been touted by industry experts as, “…the most important article no one [else] will read”, The Sedona Conference Journal has released an article diagnosing the many legal “illnesses” that plague Electronical Health Records (EHR), and the subsequent sharing of private information.  EHR was once regarded as the savior of health care information…

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Are Your Eyes Deceiving You?

Are you being used by your doctor? Do you ever go to your optometrist for a routine eye exam and unknowingly leave with a medical condition? Were you asked for your medical insurance card at your visit? Why is that? Routine eye exams are covered by your vision plan. Most people go for an eye…

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CPC+, What’s all the Fuss?

Yesterday, CMS announced the next phase of their enterprising initiative to improve primary care. This nation-wide primary care model is the largest of its kind, and is known as the Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+), is a five-year primary care medical home model aimed to begin in January 2017. CPC+ plans on creating a culture…

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