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Hormone Therapy Puts Transgender Women at Risk

A new study on hormone therapy in transgender patients has revealed that transgender women receiving such therapies may be at a higher risk for cardiovascular problems such as strokes, blood clots, and heart attacks. The medical records of an estimated 5,000 Kaiser Health system transgender patients were reviewed, going back as far as 8 years,…

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We Need to Talk About Transgender Healthcare

Earlier this week, Advize Health partnered with Grassi Healthcare Advisors to host a webinar on transgender healthcare. This webinar sought out to educate the healthcare community not only on coding for transgender patients, but on every aspect of care for this critically underserved population, from claims denials to the cost of transitioning. The convergence of…

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Advize Health’s Transgender Coding Webinar

More than 1.5M US adults identify as transgender, and they’re all in need of healthcare. As a medical coder and auditor you need to know what you’re documenting or reviewing, for the sake of the patients and your career. Join Advize Health and Grassi Healthcare Advisors for an exclusive webinar on behavioral and physical health…

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