CEU Subscription FAQ

Why do you say that subscribers will get “at least” 2.5 CEUs per month?

We are passionate about education and are inspired to offer more opportunities every month. The more feedback you share with us, the more additional content we create. We are only as good as our best consumers, so the more you share with us – the more we’ll share with you. Subscribers are guaranteed to receive a minimum of 2.5 CEUs every month (but don’t be surprised if you get more throughout the year).

When will I get my CEUs?

To earn your CEUs, you must take a quiz that follows each piece of distributed education. This means that after you access your materials (podcasts, webinars, newsletters, etc.), you must answer questions directly related to the content. Assuming that you pass with a 70% or higher, you will receive your CEU certificates within 2-3 business days.

When do my CEUs expire?

As a part of AAPC’s standard CEU policy, CEU Indexing Numbers must be used within 1 year of their receipt.

Can I share videos or recordings of presentations?

That is up to your discretion, however, it is against policy to share CEUs with those who have not: A) purchased a subscription and B) taken the associated quiz.

Will my name be on the CEU certificate?


How long has Advize been delivering education and CEUs?

We’ve been delivering quality education to the healthcare community for nearly 4 years, most of which were spent as partners with the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC).

Why subscribe?

CEU package subscribers have access to content bonuses that will contribute to the maintenance of several AAPC issued certifications. Our CEUs appeal to the full spectrum of AAPC coding certifications, meaning you’ll be getting a well-rounded, holistic education.

Subscribers will also receive a 10% discount on all exclusive, extended content.

But don’t take our word for it…take theirs:

“I really do appreciate the time and effort put in the presenters and trust the information I am receiving.”

“Your presenters are very knowledgeable and they present the topics in a quick precise method.”