Taking A Payer Organization’s Anti-Fraud Vital Signs

Tuesday, August 23, 2022


The essential elements of an effective, enterprise-wide healthcare anti-fraud program include five key pillars. From taking a comprehensive approach to detecting and reporting, we will explain how to best adopt and communicate a formal fraud policy as well as clear strategies for investigations, referrals, case resolution and prevention. No matter how new or experienced your SIU team is, we will discuss tools and tips you can deploy as part of your investigation and audit strategy to strengthen and improve areas of common issues. Here are some of the strategies we’re going to talk about today:

  • Effective SIU Internal Working Relationship/Procedures
  • Adequate & Appropriate SIU Management and Staffing
  • Prioritizing Cases
  • Beyond Analytics
  • And more!


Wednesday, September 21st at 1 – 2:00PM EST


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Bill Mahon
President, The Mahon Consulting Group

Widely recognized as one of the United States’ leading authorities on health care fraud, Bill Mahon is President of The MAHON Consulting Group LLC (MCG), where he specializes in health care fraud detection, management and prevention strategies and services for private and public health insurance payers, law enforcement agencies, the health care professions and health industry organizations in the U.S. and abroad.

Matt Kochanski
Senior Manager, Advize Health

Matt has over three decades of experience in program integrity, including over 25 years in the Office of Inspector General community with HHS and NASA. Matt has investigated or directed hundreds of investigations resulting in criminal convictions and the return of hundreds of millions of dollars to the impacted programs. As a Program Director with SafeGuard Services he directed the administration of a multi-million dollar contract that spans 12 States and multiple Federal and State health care programs.


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