HITRUST Advisory

Advize Health LLC is a healthcare firm with a full team of technology professionals who are dedicated to using their expertise and experience to help your organization become HITRUST certified. Advize Health’s team will help your firm comply and normalize the framework of HITRUST security organizations, while also meeting the requirements put into place by state (e.g., MA 201 CMR 17.00), federal (e.g., HITECH Act and HIPAA), and third party controllers (e.g., COBIT).

Advize Health’s HITRUST Advisory Services are led by a Certified Common Security Framework Practitioner (CCSFP). Our team will help you submit your Self-Assessment, measure compliance and risk to identify any Corrective Action Plans (CAP) necessary to reduce the remaining risks.  Remember, successfully completing a validated assessment does not imply that all of the HITRUST certification requirements were met. Any certification requirements not met must have a corresponding Corrective Action Plan (CAP), to improve the process and meet the requirement, documented as part of the assessment.

We will seamlessly work with your team to complete the following:

  • Initial discussions with leadership as to size, scope and services of the organization.
  • Identify and review the specific evidence that is required. This is similar to any audit where controls are being tested.
  • Ensure that your team properly handles the data entry process for your online self-assessment.
  • Provide gap analysis training where the evidence available does not meet HITRUST standards.
  • Ensure that you successfully complete your self-assessment submission.