Medical Record Review

Advize produces honest, credible and accurate medical record reviews that thoroughly explain code determinations based upon specific elements of the documentation provided. These reviews have been proven to reduce expenses and improve Medical Loss Ratios (MLR), allowing you to concentrate on delivering high-quality healthcare with a healthy bottom line.

  • Project-Focused Approach
    • We offer straightforward healthcare review services with a focus on transparent and frequent communication.
  • Delivery of Clear ROI
    • The “Standard Audit” is customized during the contracting phase to ensure services and value to the client are a perfect fit.
  • Responsive
    • Our proprietary auditing solution enables us to process claims quickly and accurately through our proven case management system.
  • Adaptable
    • Other services, such as those listed below, are provided at competitive rates.
      • Custom Reporting
      • Fraud Identification
      • Unbiased and Objective Review
      • Provider Inquiry Management

By adhering to a standard project management processes, Advize Health ensures clear communication and effective results. Our solution grants client’s constant access to project reports, status, and individual provider or claims review. Advize Health’s services are proven to:

  • Minimize Network Impact
    • Reduced turnaround time with a cost effective and efficient process
  • Cost Containment
    • Lowered costs by augmenting your staff with our technology and our auditors
  • Claim Level Manual Reviews
    • Reduced billing errors and elimination of fraud, waste, and abuse
  • Mitigate Risk
    • Reduced potential future over-payments through provider education