Medical Record Review

Preventable medical documentation errors occur far too often. These errors and omissions can put hospitals and physicians at risk for payment denials or even accusations of fraud and abuse.

You and your staff should be provided with a unique training to improve understanding of areas that are vulnerable to fraud. Rather than taking a general approach like other companies, Advize Health offers tailored medical record review and interactive learning based on your results.

What do you need to do, how much will it cost you and what will you receive when the project is complete, how long does it take? All good questions that you are not going to find on typical websites. Our goal is to be 100% transparent with you. It shouldn’t be hard because it doesn’t have to be. We have a team of coding and billing auditors who are overseen by retired HHS-OIG agents who look at your practice and provide you with the necessary guidance to help you achieve your hard-earned revenue and strengthen your compliance plan. We have auditing experts that ensure accuracy and compliance and we have an intelligent, all-in-one solution designed by those same experts. Either way, you get peace-of-mind during an otherwise challenging process.