Physician Training & Education

You are a unique provider. Why should you receive the same training that everyone gets? Below are a few examples of our extensive training programs.

Popular topics and training areas: 

  • E/M and Modifier 25
  • Incident To; Non-physician Billing Options
  • Split/Shared Services
  • Supervision Requirements; Care plan oversight
  • Observation vs Inpatient; Preventative vs Annual Wellness; Global Period
  • NCCI and Separate Procedures
  • Compliance guidance on using internal and external billing and coding staff
  • Creating a compliance program that includes language for internal audit controls
  • When and if you are served with a subpoena, learn of an investigation, receive a subpoena or a search warrant is executed at your office, residence or their business entity where you have control
  • Coding nuances for specialty
  • OIG/CMS warning areas
  • How do you get selected for an audit
  • Data; What happens when you get audited
  • Compliance Considerations
  • Basic controls to guard against the biggest risk