COVID-19 Update

While other organizations rely heavily on overseas solutions that are now experiencing new obstacles as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Advize Health's infrastructure and day-to-day workflow was designed from inception to subvert the effects of natural disaster and operate almost entirely in a remote/virtual capacity, which has minimized many of the challenges facing other organizations today in this time of uncertainty and change.

Advize Health is online, running at full capability, and ready to assist. Stay safe!

Advize Health provides a full suite of services to healthcare organizations of all sizes, from government entities to commercial payers, group practices, hospitals, and clinics. Focused on reducing the cost of healthcare and improving the quality of delivery, our client approach is uniquely straightforward and effective. We hire and manage the subject matter experts (SMEs) to best serve you without having the marked up price of our competitors. We have strong legal experience and are called upon to provide guidance on cases as well and transitional work such as Mergers and Acquisitions. Rather than hiring expensive resources, our clients have contracted with us to provide staff augmentation services to leverage our SMEs in a Part-time to Full-time capacity.

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COVID FWA: Trashed, Thawed or Expired: Reports of Vaccine Spoilage & Waste

As the speed of covid vaccinations picks up, so do the reports of doses going to waste. And it’s more than just a handful at…

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OIG Files: The Mixing Bowl of Medication

In 2012, the National Council on Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP) made a change to the manner in which a compounded medication should be submitted to…

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Yes, Virginia, OIG Special Agents Carry Firearms

In previous articles, we have discussed some of the general law enforcement related activities that OIG Special Agents conduct; search warrants, arrests, HHS Secretarial Protection…

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The Role of State Boards of Dentistry (Part 2)

by guest contributor, Mark R. Brengelman, JD, MA Previous: The Role of State Boards of Dentistry (Part 1) This article provides another part into the…

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The Role of State Boards of Dentistry

by guest contributor, Mark R. Brengelman, JD, MA This article provides an initial perspective on the role of state boards of dentistry, which exist in…

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Re-Open Enrollment “Re-Open” Enrollment. Here’s What You Need to Know.

For people who’ve been without health insurance during the pandemic, relief is in sight. In January, President Joe Biden signed an executive order to open up the…

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