Our Services

Staffing Augmentation

Reinforce your in-house team, add high-level/specific skills to your project, and achieve resource savings!

Fully Outsourced SIU Services

Delegate your SIU needs to our experts. 

Record Reviews

Certified Professional Coder (CPC), Registered Nurse (RN) CPC and Peer Reviews –
Evaluation and analysis of medical records conducted by our team. 

Evaluation and Training

Customized on-site or virtual educational sessions to create effective and repeatable practices within your team;
model aligned with the OIG Special Agent Basic Training (SABT) program.

Provider Education

Impart knowledge and skills to your healthcare professionals.
Improve patient care outcomes and ensure compliance with regulations and best practices.

Consulting and Staffing Support

Enhance Practices for Identifying Billing Errors, Inaccurate Claims, and Claims Processing Inefficiencies.

Diagnosis-Related Group and Readmission Audits

Safeguard your revenue while turning compliance challenges into opportunities for financial optimization and regulatory excellence.

Short-term Audit Backlog Support

Manage and resolve audit backlogs while minimizing disruption.

Risk Adjustment

Professional advisory opinions and audit support.

End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Premium Payments

Our proprietary data analytics uniquely incorporates physician driven diagnostic algorithms with historical and concurrent data as well as live clinical chart data to accurately flag ESRD suspects.

Staff Augmentation

Closing Skills Gaps: Bring in our experts for your most complex challenges.

Fraud Investigations

Safeguard your organization against fraud, waste and abuse and non-compliance risks.
Employ advanced data analysis, interviews, and thorough legal scrutiny.

Coding and Medical Reviews

HITRUST, URAC, ISO, GAGAS/Yellow Book, CMS guidelines and statutory requirements.
Rigorous, compliant, and specialized coding and medical reviews.
ailored trainings and audit guides.

Data Analysis and Analytics

Harness the power of data analytics to combat FWA and drive impactful outcomes.

Provider Compliance

We provide strong third-party and objective support as part of your effective compliance program.

Subject Matter Expert Testimony

Expert analysis and testimony in areas such as billing, coding, documentation, and FWA to support legal proceedings.

Independent Medical Record Review Services

Litigation ready audits and reviews.

Office of Inspector General Investigations and Self-Disclosures

OIG expertise that facilitates conversations with the Office of Counsel to the Inspector General.

Healthcare Fraud, Waste and Abuse Investigations, Expert Analysis and Abuse Testimony

A team of retired OIG agents ready to assist in your litigation, internal investigation, and other needs.

Corrective Action Plan Implementation and Support

Experienced OIG agents ready to provide you with the best compliance tools.