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Advize is a leading provider of technology enabled solutions serving healthcare audit, knowledge and compliance requirements.

Need a Healthcare thing?
Don’t worry, we got you.

We’ve done a lot of stuff. But here’s a handful of things we do that seem to be pretty popular with our clients lately.

Medical Record Review

Hire the group the insurance companies pay to do their audits for them.

Data Analytics

Beep Boop! Everything from statistical sampling to complex AI driven analytics.

Consulting & SME's

A former KPMG Senior Auditor and a retired OIG Agent leading teams of healthcare pro’s.

SIU as a Service

Special Investigations are our thing and no one has a team that can deliver results like ours.


IT, Healthcare, and Federal compliance are languages we are fluent in.

Education & Training

Custom tailored training courses designed to get physicians on track.

Auditor-grade Medical Record Review

We don’t use Medical Coders to do documentation review, we use best in class Medical Record Auditors whose profession is to review clinical documentation for FWA.

Answers to Your Questions

What exactly do you do?

Healthcare costs a lot.  We don’t like that.  We work our hardest to try to make healthcare more affordable.  We provide all consulting services around reducing the cost of healthcare while increasing the quality.

Foreign or Domestic?

100% USA owned and operated, including all resources.

Do your resources work in my state?

Yes, we have a large number of staff who are work from home and travel to client sites for projects.  We are flexible in our execution and delivery.

Where is your headquarters?

You mean our secret headquarters? Advize is headquartered in sunny Orlando, Florida.

Do you carry cyber insurance?

Oh yeah, a lot lot.

Which side are you on payer or provider?

Both.  We sit on the fence with CMS.

What are your hours?

We are consultants who live in all different time-zones so the answer is 24 by 7.

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It’s like sweeps week at Advize, but instead of the characters of SVU appearing on Law and Order, Eric and Matt blend their respective blogs into a new theme – the Fraud Hunters’ Union.

Welcome Ashlee.

Welcome Ashlee.

Advize Health is thrilled to welcome Ashlee Heath to the Advize team as Director, Program Integrity. 

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