Short-term Audit Backlog Support

Efficiently managing and resolving audit backlogs while minimizing disruption.

When audits and/or investigations pile up, and the future volume remains uncertain,
hiring full-time auditors or investigators may not be the most practical solution.

By partnering with us, you gain access to:


– Best practices methodology supported by seasoned SME.

– Real-time collaboration, enabling seamless teamwork between your staff and Advize resources, with simultaneous document access and no worries about version control.

– Expedited results tailored to your needs, without exhausting your team’s valuable time.

Recent and Current Representative Projects

– One large payer needed investigations to be addressed.

– Another payer required reviews of appealed audits.

Both requests demanded expert intervention to identify instances of FWA and meticulously document findings to recover improper payments.


We swiftly leveraged our flexible pool of talent to onboard a specialized team of experts tailored to the unique requirements of each project. This approach allowed us to expedite results and successfully resolve the backlog within the specified timeframe.


By assembling a blend of clinical and non-clinical reviewers alongside seasoned investigators, we delivered expert solutions that yielded a higher return on investment compared to internally staffed alternatives.

Ready to tackle your audit backlog efficiently?
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