Consulting and
Staffing Support

Safeguard Financial Resources.

Implement better practices for identifying Billing Errors and Inaccurate Claims.

Address inefficiencies in Claims Processing.

Optimize Workforce Support. 

We have recently assisted clients in two key areas:

Clinical Claim Reviews

Our Clinical Claim Reviews identify coding, location, level of service, and reimbursement errors by comparing claims against medical records, either pre-pay or post-pay.


Our customizable analytics offer a post-payment data mining solution that utilizes exclusive data analysis techniques. It compares claims history against specific billing, coding, utilization, and reimbursement rules, ensuring thorough scrutiny that client systems or claim processors might overlook.

Healthcare payment integrity serves as the cornerstone of accuracy, efficiency, and compliance in healthcare payment processes, encompassing strategies to combat fraud, waste, abuse, and billing errors,
while ensuring that claims are processed efficiently, and reimbursements are appropriate.


Enhance your payment integrity.
Let’s work together to protect your financial resources and ensure accurate healthcare payment processes.