Fully Outsourced SIU Services

Delegate your SIU needs to our experts.

We seamlessly integrate into your health plan,
delivering SIU services with the excellence and prestige worthy of a premier department.


Are you grappling with budgetary constraints or staffing shortages while striving to meet rigorous compliance and regulatory obligations for your SIU?


Look no further. We offer a comprehensive solution tailored to your needs, providing flexibility, diverse expertise, and a higher ROI. 

We exceed your requirements and expectations.

Our Results:

– Swift Recovery of Lost Funds: We detect and prevent inappropriate payments, leading to the rapid recovery of lost funds.

– Enhanced Compliance: Our approach ensures timely investigations, thereby reducing compliance risks and ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements.

– Cost Savings: Our clients achieve significant cost savings, leveraging our expertise and resources to optimize efficiency and minimize expenses.


Our services adapt to your organization’s needs. Whether you require assistance on a short-term basis to manage overflow cases or seek ongoing support to maintain compliance.¬†

Diverse Expertise 

We boast extensive experience in handling diverse case types and supporting multiple lines of business and claims. From identifying fraudulent activities to preventing inappropriate payments.

Higher ROI

Maximize your ROI by harnessing our expertise and resources. Anticipate a rapid recovery of lost funds, decreased operational overhead, and heightened efficiency in case management.

Delegate your SIU needs to our experts and maximize your ROI.