OIG Investigations and
Self Disclosures

Thorough examination of potential FWA within government programs, as well as the voluntary reporting of potential violations by entities to the OIG.

Extensive Experience. Analytical Skills. Negotiation Expertise.

Our Methodology


Internal Efforts and
OIG investigations and Self-Disclosures

We assign one of retired OIG SMEs.

Support your internal litigation efforts,

Assist in the creation and filing of an OIG Self Disclosure, commensurate with the Self Disclosure Protocol (SDP).

Analytical Support

Accurately Assess Potential Losses

From assisting in identifying the loss amounts (either statistically or actual):

– We work closely with our team of statisticians.

– And provide the portions of an SDP filing that is needed to ensure acceptance into the program from the Office of Counsel to the Inspector General (OCIG).

Effective Negotiation

With Regulatory Authorities 

Leveraging our OIG expertise,

– We facilitate constructive conversations with the Office of Counsel to the Inspector General (OCIG) to achieve amicable resolutions.

Take proactive steps to safeguard your organization.
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