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MSP 101: A Brief Overview

Friend of Advize and healthcare payer expert Dino Kasdagly put together a helpful resource for healthcare professionals looking to quickly refresh their knowledge on Medicare as a Secondary Payer practices. Below you will find several popular instances in which Medicare benefits are secondary to Group Health Plan (GHP) benefits.  If the documented employer has more…

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Aetna Faces Uphill Battle

If you haven’t heard the name Dr. Jay Ken Iinuma before, you’re about to get acquainted. Iinuma is the former Medical Director of health insurance giant Aetna, and he might just be the reason yet another Aetna deal flatlines. During a recent deposition in a lawsuit between Aetna and Gillen Washington, a young adult with…

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Our Oral Health is Determined by Our Zip Code

If you were ever subjected to the unsavory fluoride treatments at the dentist as a child, you’re probably one of many who are relieved to be receiving the same dental benefits in a manner that doesn’t assault your taste buds!  Now that fluoridated water is circulating through about 75% of public water lines, the population…

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