As a WBENC-certified woman-owned small business, we take pride in our identity every single day. However, this month holds special significance as we shine a spotlight on the importance of Female Leadership 💪

Did you know that over 60 percent of employees entering the healthcare industry are women, surpassing the average representation in other sectors in the United States? While women occupy executive management positions at the highest levels in healthcare, there are still challenges to address.

Despite the strides made in securing the rights and freedoms we enjoy today, the journey has been long and arduous. It’s easy to overlook the progress achieved over the years, but it’s crucial to recognize that the struggle for gender equality is far from over. Women continue to encounter discrimination, inequity, and a significant lack of representation in various sectors of the business world. This is why Women’s History Month retains its significance and relevance, serving as a reminder of the ongoing need for advocacy and change.

With great pride, we celebrate each woman tirelessly working in our Advize team. We also extend our gratitude to the men who have supported us throughout our careers.

👏 We celebrate you for empowering the future of healthcare through your care, nurturing new business ideas, and pioneering, in a way that only women can.

We are grateful 🙏 to be part of an industry that promotes growth among women leaders. This month is a recognition of the impact that each of us is leaving in the healthcare world.

Thank you for being here with us 💙