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5 Things You Need to Know About Becoming a CPC

Strategy is Key Becoming a Certified Professional Coder is no easy feat, and the exam administered by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) is a long, grueling assessment. Of course, the exam will present CPCs-to-be questions on CPT codes, Evaluation and Management, the bodily systems, and the application of multiple code sets – but…

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Advize Health to Host HITsm Chat

Friday, August 18 | Noon EST Join Advize Health and our Managing Director Jeanmarie Loria for an hour long discussion on Diversity in Health IT. To participate, be sure to follow Advize Health, Jeanmarie Loria, and Healthcare Scene! Diversity has positioned itself at the forefront of social awareness for quite some time now, the apparent…

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3 Orlando Innovators You Need To Know

Advize Health has been headquartered in Tampa for years, but most of our executive leadership team resides in Orlando. Our Managing Director, Jeanmarie Loria, has lived and working in the Orlando area for more than 15 years. Over the years Jeanmarie has cultivated valuable relationships, and feels lucky enough to have a platform on which…

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A Day in the Life of an Advize Health Intern

The following blog was written by an Advize Health intern. This will be the first in a short series that explores the perspectives and aspirations of our incredible team of interns. Interning sometimes comes across people’s minds as a fetching Starbucks for C-suite level executives so they can complete their daily business operations, or running…

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Hanging Up Your Nurse’s Cap?

Nurses of the past, present, and future; thank you. Thank you for your dedication to providing care and comfort to every single healthcare consumer that you’ve encountered. Thank you for your commitment to excellence, to education, and to kindness. Your efforts are not and will not be forgotten. Rewarding as it is, nursing is a…

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Advantages to Utilizing an External Auditing Firm

External auditors, or auditors who work for external auditing firms, are often trained in a variety of specialties and have experience in auditing for many different payers, providers, and facilities. Hiring an external auditor is extremely advantageous because they are equipped with knowledge and experience that allows them to not only identify problems, but to…

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Celebrating One of Our Own For International Women’s Day

March 8, 2016 is known as International Women’s Day, a day to recognize and praise the advancements that women have made in society since the day’s creation in 1908.  International Women’s Day offers Advize Health an excellent opportunity to praise one of our very own powerful, professional women – Navreet Dhaliwal. Advize Health is proud…

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Why you Should Consider a Career as an Auditor

As Advize Health continues to hire part-time and full-time remote Auditors, we felt it necessary to inform you of the reasons why you should consider a career in auditing and its benefits. Some of the perks you can enjoy as an auditor at Advize Health include: Free education with CEU’s provided through monthly auditor calls…

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