Congratulations! You sat for your Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) exam and passed! You’ve now got some shiny new letters after your name, and a LinkedIn profile to update. The only problem now – is keeping your credential! In order to maintain your CFE, you must complete 20 hours of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits every 12 months. Of course, not all credits are equal. At least 10 of your 20 hours must be dedicated to the detection and deterrence of fraud, and 2 must be dedicated to ethics. Now, with a subject matter as interesting as fraud – it might be easy to exceed your 20 hours. Fear not! You can rollover up to 10 hours of CPEs to your next renewal cycle.

We’ve spoken before on how and where Certified Professional Coders (CPCs) can find CEUs, and now we want to show our fraud fighting friends where to find quality, cost-effective CPEs.

CPEs can be earned through two different routes: through the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) and through Non-ACFE sources, who often partner with the association to meet certain quality requirements for accredited hours. We would advise diversifying your CPE mixture as much as possible while working to maintain your ACFE. Acquiring a combination of ACFE and Non-ACFE credits, you set yourself up to receive a varied education that offers different perspectives, forms of educational media, and teaching styles. A holistic education that offers multiple learning options and modules in imperative to personal and professional development.

Here’s the breakdown:


The ACFE offers an impressive spread of content that will earn these coveted credits. Their website offers self-study courses, live events, webinars, and fraud magazine quizzes. The most effective way to obtain CFEs is by viewing the archived webinars offered free to members on ACFE’s site. Each webinar will earn CFEs 1 credit. Similarly, the fraud magazine CPE quizzes will give CFEs 10 hours of fraud-related credits for around $70. ACFE offers self-study courses that will be worth anywhere from 2-20 CPE credits, and range anywhere between $59 and $159. These are also available in different mediums such as DVD, CD, and work books.


If you’re looking to expand beyond the realm of ACFE’s education catalogue, you can earn CPEs through WebCE, FunCPE, Illumeo, and other quality sites. WebCE is quite well-known, offering quality CPE courses that will cost you $19-$75. FunCPE also offers a diverse range of topics that are accepted in all 50 states for $75 or less. Look for subscription services to these types of sites, as some will offer unlimited course and credit access on a monthly or yearly basis. Illumeo offers one of these programs, where unlimited course access will cost about $299. Shop around for accredited courses to see what best fits your interests, goals, and budget.