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Bad Reputation: Big Pharma’s Eventful Year

Thinking back to late 2015, the pharmaceutical industry was shaken by a tsunami of criticism and vitriol, all thanks to the rapacity of Big Pharma “bad boy” Martin Shkreli. You may recall Shkreli’s ill-received decision to jack up the price of Daraprim from $13.50 a pill, to an inconceivable $750 per pill only one month…

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Healthcare’s Data Vulnerability Problem

A study conducted by three universities has revealed a fatal flaw in the healthcare industry’s cyber security operations – lack of cohesion between cyber security protocol and the proper execution of such procedures. Healthcare organizations are vulnerable to data breaches because cyber security efforts are perceived as an interruption of clinical workflow, rather than as…

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Fraud Waste and Abuse Fact – October

Whistleblower Lawsuit Leads to Record Setting Settlement for Adventist Health System Adventist Health System will pay $118.7 million to the federal government and four states to settle a whistleblower lawsuit filed in December 2012. The lawsuit alleged that Adventist paid doctors excessive compensation for patient referrals to Adventist-owned health care facilities, including hospitals, clinics and…

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