Join Advize Health Managing Director, Jeanmarie Loria, and CIO, Erik Consorsha, at NHCAA’s ATC in Orlando this year as the couple celebrates their recent choice to elope. In January the couple escaped to secretly tie the knot.

jeanmarie loria and erik consorsha

According to an article in the New York Times:

“An extravagant elopement might strike some as a contradiction. Isn’t the whole point of eloping to steer clear of the Wedding Industrial Complex, to keep things simple and cheap?

But elopements are no longer confined to black-sheep members of the family who skulk off to a Las Vegas chapel because Mom and Dad do not approve. With the cost of a 200-guest wedding spiraling upward, and many people getting married (and remarried) at ages when they no longer feel a need to be the stars of their Big Day, couples are now considering a table for two as a civilized alternative to 12 months of planning hell.”

As many in the healthcare industry know, Advize Health appreciates capitalizing on a conference and this year at the ATC rather than having a party, they invite you to celebrate their love with them and their team.

Friday November 17, 2017 at 3pm.

Our dearest guests may RSVP here.