Last month, Advize Health was a contributor in HIMSS Biz Edge Monthly Newsletter for the second time this year. Our article, ICD-10: How Far We’ve Come focused on the progress the healthcare industry has made in adjusting to ICD-10 implementation, and identifies the trends that we’ve observed. On October 1, 2016 ICD-10 is schedule to undergo another round of revisions and additions, where updated and brand news codes will be introduced. While these new codes will not go into effect until the following year, there is still a lot of stir over which news codes will be accepted, and which will be denied.

In the spirit of ICD-10 revisions and progress, we’ve decided to put together a list of our favorite current ICD-10 codes (we think #3 is a little too judgmental).

  1. 62XD: Struck by duck.
  2. Z63.1: Problems in relationship with in-laws.
  3. R46.1: Bizarre personal appearance.
  4. Z56.3: Stressful work schedule.
  5.  R15.2: Fecal urgency.
  6. Y92.250: Art gallery as the place of occurrence of the external cause.
  7. Y93.E2: Activity, laundry.
  8. W61.33: Pecked by chicken.
  9. Z73.1: Type A behavior pattern.
  10. W56.22XA: Struck by orca, initial encounter.

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