A Dollar For Your Thoughts – We’re Crushing Medical Debt

June 3, 2022

Advize Health has been a proud partner of Dollar For, a non-profit that helps people find and apply for medical debt relief.

Early last year Advize’s favorite intern ever (who was promoted several times before leaving the nest) sent me a TikTok of Jared Walker.  She sent it because at Advize, we are obsessed with the cost of care.  Although this is what we do.

That’s not enough, we constantly think about patients and how to help them with their financial healthcare literacy.  After talking about this constantly, Maggie sent the TikTok and we realized there was something we could do.  Since that first conversation with Jared, we have been proud to partner with Dollar For to crush medical debt one patient at a time.  You can find out more by watching our interview with Jared.

According to a Kaiser Family Foundation and New York Times survey, more than 1 in 4 Americans had trouble paying a recent medical bill. And when medical debt piles up, that can lead to difficult financial decisions, such as needing to cut back on food, clothing, or other basic household items.  Read more about the impact Dollar For has made and contact us to learn how you can become part of our work with Dollar For.

By Jeanmarie Loria

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