Advize was proud to be among those attending an event to honor a lineup outstanding doctors in the state of New York. While we were honored to be in the presence of so many tremendous talents in the healthcare field, we’re featuring just a few who made a last impression on us.

We were inspired watching the Westchester County Business Journal and Westfair Communications honor the achievements of the state’s best doctors. The theme of the night was doctors serving their patients and communities far beyond the business of medicine.

Two physicians were given the honor of receiving the “All In The Family” Award, Dr. Sarah Bellemare and Dr. Milan Kinkkhabwala. Both doctors work within the Montefiore Health System and discussed how they focus their work and lives around the practice of transplantation and the importance of strong relationships with patients. The incredible pair were surrounded by family, a nod to their newly-minted awards. Many of the doctors shared their appreciation for family, and it was a privilege to see a husband and wife team thriving together within Montefiore’s facility.

Congratulations to William H. Frishman, MD, Chief of Medicine at Westchester Medical Center and recipient of Lifetime Achievement recognition.

Dr. William Frishman attended medical school 50 years ago and was able to offer great insights on the changes in healthcare over the years. Dr. Fishman’s appreciation for his profession and passion for teaching the next generation of talent was a truly humbling experience. New doctors, such as Philip Maynard, were among those classified in the “next generation” of doctors. Dr. Maynard was given the esteemed “Promise for the Future” designation.

Open Door Family Medical Centers and Foundation was also in attendance. This incredible foundation is dedicated to improving the health of Westchester and Putnam Counties – and does not discriminate against community members who may be unable to afford quality healthcare. Open Door is growing rapidly and aspires to treat more than 55,000 patients annually by 2020. Open Door’s success could lead to expansions throughout other communities – making the state of New York healthier and happier.

“When people maintain good health, there are fewer school and work absences and fewer visits to local emergency rooms. As each Open Door patient becomes better equipped to manage his or her health, health care costs are lowered for everyone. Chronic diseases are managed better, and expensive treatments become less necessary. But more importantly: people feel better every day.”

Daren Wu spoke on Open Door’s commitment to healthcare delivery and shared details engagement strategies and the integration of behavioral health into medical care services as a means of giving back to the community.

Dr. Boriana Parvez of Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital and Tanya Dutta of Westchester Medical Center were both honored as this year’s Female Trailblazers. Dr. Dutta described life as a cardiologist and how her family’s history of heart disease inspired her to bring her “we’ll do it together” philosophy to patient care.

Last but certainly not least, Columbia and New York Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital physicians were also among the honorees, and graciously thanks their teams at home, as well as their organizations for providing them with comfortable environments in which they could thrive and realize their full potential as healthcare providers.