On April 21, Advize Health held our monthly webinar on Incident-To Audits. Melissa Jewett, Advize Health’s QA Specialist and auditor guided attendees through the informative presentation, taking time in the end to hold an open Q&A session. Melissa is a highly qualified professional, holding both CPC and CPMA certifications from the AAPC. The presentation tackled the challenges of Incident-To and equipped attendees with best practices.

Melissa began the webinar by speaking about the basics of Incident-To, ensuring that those in attendance were up-to-date and aware of I2’s definition, who is able to bill I2, and which services are not permitted under Incident-To Guidelines. This provided the audience with a strong foundation to build upon as the webinar progressed.

The presentation went on to cover specific state guidelines for Incident-To, focusing on Pennsylvania and Tennessee as thorough examples. Among other states taken into consideration was New York State, where scope was also strongly defined.

Overall, there was an exceptional turn out for this webinar and the team received tremendous feedback on both the presenter and the content of the webinar.

Advize Health will continue to hold monthly complimentary webinars that are presented by our very own excellent auditors. If you’re interested in attending our webinars, please visit our Events Page on the Advize Health web site. We are also pleased to announce that by popular demand, we will now be delivering transcribed Q&A session handouts in our post-webinar review packages so that webinar attendees will have the answers to all questions asked during the presentation.

We have many more exciting webinar developments in the works, so be sure to check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest updates!