On March 10, Advize Health held our fifth monthly webinar on Meaningful Use and Security Risk Analysis. For this webinar, Advize Health’s auditor Melissa Jewett presented with Don Waechter from Compliance and Remediation Services, LLC. Both Melissa and Don are highly qualified to deliver such an informative webinar; as Melissa is a Certified Professional Coder and Certified Professional Medical Auditor with several AAPC certifications, including ICD-10 proficiency. Don Waechter is widely regarded as a leader in information security and compliance in the healthcare industry.

Melissa began the webinar by speaking about the future of Meaningful Use in the face of EHR Incentive Program implementation. While Meaningful Use as it was once known may be effectively coming to an end, CMS declared that Meaningful Use is not disappearing, but evolving. Melissa proceeded to elaborate on the future of Meaningful Use and explored themes of this new program.

Don Waechter spoke about Security Risk Analysis and how to prepare for such audits. Don’s background in information security provided unique insight on Security Risk Analysis, and explained the benefits of self-assessment to ensure proper compliance. Don’s presentation revealed that one of the most common errors of an audit is the fact that many don’t perform Security Risk Analysis at all!

Overall, there was a fantastic turn out for this webinar and our team received tremendous positive feedback for both of our presenters.

Advize Health will continue to hold monthly complimentary webinars that are presented by our very own excellent Auditors. If you’re interested in attending our webinars, please visit our Events Page on the Advize Health web site.

You can view this webinar here.