I got a chance to grab resident Advize Director of Special Projects and Investigations extraordinaire Mr. Wade McFaul and ask him a few questions about himself…

What were you doing before you joined Advize Health? How did you and Advize “find each other”?

I was with HHS OIG for almost 25 years.  I worked in the health care fraud arena as both a Special Agent and as an Assistant Special Agent in Charge.  My whole career was spent in the Los Angeles area.  I retired in 2017 and worked for the National Benefit Integrity Medicare Drug Integrity Contractor prior to coming on board with Advize Health.  Eric Rubenstein is a retired HHS colleague of mine and he introduced me to Advize Health and Jeanmarie.

Are you still in Southern California?

No, after retiring we moved to Wisconsin.  I grew up here and left almost 40 years ago.  It is a little strange being back.  My wife and son adapted well to the sub zero winter temperatures that were new to them, having spent their entire lives in Southern California.  We do enjoy having four seasons, although winter seems to be the dominant one.  We now live in a much slower paced, small town environment compared to where we lived in Southern California.

We try to get out on the lake and enjoy the trails in and around the north woods of Wisconsin.  It is really beautiful up in this part of the State.  The city I live in has a lot of music and art related activities as well. 

So, what else do you like to do, Wade?

I do enjoy traveling, although I have been on a bit of a break since retiring.

I have taken several salmon fishing trips to Langara Island in British Columbia.  We enjoy going to Hawaii and have spent quite a bit of time in the Boston and Cleveland areas recently. 

I traveled a lot while with the OIG.  I was fortunate to have work related trips to Ireland, Germany, Viet Nam, China, Thailand, Uzbekistan, and Tanzania, as well as trips throughout the US.  I have not traveled as much since retiring.  It has been a welcome departure from all the business travel, airports and hotel stays. The cross country move and getting settled in has taken some time. Once we have COVID behind us we plan on dusting off the passports and getting back out there.