Last year we had the ONE AND ONLY cheapest.booth.ever featured at NHCAA’s Annual Training Conference.

This year Advize brought guacamole and cookies to the table at the Even Cheaper Cheapest Booth Ever.

Advize Health had the honor of speaking with some of NHCAA’s Annual Training Conference (ATC) attendees right in our backyard. The ATC is widely-regarded as the most important assembly against healthcare fraud, where attendees explore fraud schemes, trends, and best practices for the identification, investigation, and prosecution of fraud-related offenses. Several of our clients could not attend the ATC, so we wanted to bring the conversation to them.

This year we recorded podcasts around the topics that inspire us to work harder and deliver our services at even lower costs. Sign up to listen to the full podcast playlist here, and earn 1 free AAPC CEU.  The podcast, recorded right outside of the conference’s Expo Hall, discusses the most problematic trends in healthcare, healthcare fraud, and what’s on the horizon for 2018. It was incredible recording these conversation in the midst of the hustle and bustle of ATC, and our so appreciative of our guests for lending us their voices and unique perspectives.

Among the emerging healthcare fraud trends:

  • The Opioid Crisis, and how to fight fraud related to unregulated drugs. The importance of closely examining recently approved drugs and the potential of off-label FDA-approved pharmaceuticals.
  • Acute Care Hospital schemes, from analyzing billing procedures/revenue codes to reviewing place of service codes.
  • Dental fraud isn’t just about bundling, it extends to waste and abuse.
  • Efficiently and effectively managing SIUs on a shoestring budget – more results must be delivered this year with even less funding/staff, and how to use the tools and vendors in your arsenal while examining the Fraud Triangle.
  • The role of compliance and creative effective compliance plans for medical coders, auditors, and their teams.

As you remember from 2016, Advize Health’s Managing Director and Chief Information Officer (Jeanmarie Loria, Erik Consorsha, respectively), unveiled a unique booth during the Anti-Fraud Expo that explained Advize Health’s conference budget.  This groundbreaking sign detailed the allocations made to fight fraud more effectively. In the image below, you’ll see that Advize Health’s marketing budget was donated to the industry in order to deliver better tools and quality at $0 cost.  How, you might wonder?

By going back to basics.

  • Advize’s medical documentation audit pilots were delivered for free and saved over $2M
  • Hiring the industry’s top experts with experience across all specialties
  • Delivering free education to the healthcare community, and the creation of a free audit tool; E/M Calculator.

What did you want to see more of but didn’t?  Let us know.