Advize’s Client Project Manager, Christina Martin, had a Valentine’s Day experience that she would like to share. The following is her story:

Some of you may think of Valentine’s Day as chocolates, flowers and relationships. For me, I think of it differently. One year ago I was telling my sister-in-law that I had not had a mammogram in over 5 years. She urged me to go in and get it done! Working in the healthcare industry for many years, you would think I would have done just that, but I hadn’t. So I made myself an appointment the first week in February. Within one day the doctor’s office contacted me and said they saw some suspicious cells during my mammogram and asked me if I would be able to come back in that day, to which I did!! During my second mammogram, they showed me the suspicious cells deep within my breast and the kind radiologist came in the room to talk to me and describe the recommended surgery

I was scared. I cried, prayed and asked all my friends and family for prayers! I was scheduled for surgery one week later. The day of surgery, I was prepped, and taken down to have the needles placed into my breast before surgery. One hour later no needles were placed within my breast, as they were unable to locate the suspicious cell. The physician and radiologist had a discussion and surgery was cancelled.

Valentine’s Day is more than chocolates and flowers to me; it’s about loving myself enough to take care of me! Happy Valentine’s Day to you all, remember to love yourself enough to take care of you, eat some chocolate and buy some flowers along the way!