Many times when going into a dentist appointment recently, dentists are always trying to sell add on dental products to the patient. Even when going in for a simple routine visit, your appointment turns into a pressured sales pitch!

The add-on dental products to expect include:

  • In office bleaching
  • Take home bleaching
  • 1000 different paste (Sensitivity, whitening, fluoride…)
  • Rinses (Sensitivity, whitening, fluoride, medicated…)
  • Manual tooth brushes-Electric tooth brushes…Seriously, how many brushes do we need?!
  • Even BOTOX!

Unfortunately this has become a regular practice by many dentists to sell their patients extra products. Although sometimes these products may be necessary for different patients to maintain good dental hygiene, other times it turns into unnecessary extra costs.

Next time you visit your dentist and they begin to sell you on a particular product, be sure to seek more information from them by asking such as:

  • Is this necessary?
  • Will this make a difference in my dental hygiene?
  • Why do you feel that it’s necessary to buy this new product?
  • How is this better than what I’m currently using?