Seema Verma, administrator of The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced earlier this week that the organization would be stepping up to help Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands after Hurricane Maria’s reign of destruction. Health and Human Services has already declared public health emergencies in these affected territories, eliciting help from a plethora of other healthcare agencies throughout the US.

CMS is working diligently across the agency to provide immediate relief to those impacted and to ensure our most vulnerable citizens have access to the life-saving treatments they need. We will continue to be proactive and monitor the needs of the local governments to make sure hospitals, providers, and suppliers can continue to provide care.

As a part of these efforts, CMS has waived and modified aspects of Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP requirements to provide relief to hurricane victims. The agency previously played a role in the evacuation of patients, as well as enabling access to critical care patients.

For more information on these modifications and relief efforts, visit the CMS emergency page and read about other hurricane-related activities.