Congratulations to last week’s winners who guessed Frank Sinatra and knew that Chicago is my kind of town.  This week we are reporting live from my second favorite city. 

Have you been to Second City?  This is one of our favorite comedy clubs and we certainly appreciate the greats who have come from this iconic comedy company.

Why else do we love Chicago?  Great question.  Let’s start with the easy, Food and Drink:

Beatrix – where else can you go from bakery and coffee to wine and restaurant in one place.  Beatrix is a neighborhood coffeehouse, restaurant and meeting place in Chicago’s River North, Streeterville, Fulton Market, Oak Brook and Loop neighborhoods.

Cindy’s is our favorite rooftop in Chicago.  It is so pretty and looks a bit like Bookmarks we mentioned in our trip to NYC.

Signature Lounge – If it is your first time in Chicago, you must go here for the view and experience.

The Dawson is our favorite brunch.  Healthy and delish, what an Instagram!

Summer in Chicago is absolutely gorgeous.  Yes, winter is freezing (and fun fact: contrary to popular belief, Chicago is not the windiest city in the US).  The best Chi Town summer activity is grabbing a street fest

Finally a few other points to mention…a few other favorites:

Late Night Jazz and historic location: The Green Mill where Al Capone and other gangsters used to hang in the 1920s.

Hotel: Virgin Hotels Chicago and the cocktail to order is Purple Reign upstairs at the Cerise Rooftop.

Thing to do, it isn’t Navy Pier and it isn’t the architecture boat tour (although we love both), it is actually yoga in the sky. Enjoy the picture of me and a few friends (above) several years ago from this very experience.

Handcrafted, Gourmet Marshmallows if you follow our social media, you have seen these marshmallows and our MARSHcuterie board!   If you have not tried to make one, this could be your weekend.  Put on some Sinatra and stay classy, we will see you next week.

Jeanmarie Loria