I am not one for forest or outdoors but I do love a city and a concert.  This past week I enjoyed both the city and a concert around a bunch of work meetings.  Forest Hills is a mostly residential neighborhood in the central portion of the borough of Queens in New York City. 

This is one of the prettiest areas to walk around and I feel lucky to have enjoyed my walking tour with a native Forest Hills guy who told me about these beautiful streets and the best restaurants in the area.

Forest Hills centers on Station Square, a plaza framed by Tudor-style buildings and it feels very British quaint with leafy enclave of half-timbered houses.  There are a number of clothing boutiques and factory outlets on Austin Street, which offers dining options which include old-school Italian, ramen, and Middle Eastern fare.

Restaurant highlights that I enjoyed during my meetings included:

MoCA Asian Bistro reminds me a bit of a Tao but in Queens.  It is described as a “MODERN CONCEPT OF CULINARY ARTS” and has a beautiful Insta.

Mad For Chicken – delicious fries and beer – a cute vibe for fun times and meetings, they don’t rush you.

Mighty Quinn’s BBQ Banging Brussel Sprouts and other sides.

Dirty Pierre’s is a perfect place before or after a show in Forest Hills Stadium.

Finally, my favorite place in the area is Forest Hills Stadium is a historic outdoor music venue and it is right within the heart of Forest Hills, Queens.  This stadium was designed to optimize acoustics and is the only outdoor venue of its kind and size in the city.  It was originally designed in the 1920’s and was the home of the U.S. Open tennis tournament.  Forest Hills Stadium began booking concerts in the 1960’s and hosted some of the most culturally significant performances of the time – from Frank Sinatra, the Father of this blog, to Barbra Streisand and The Rolling Stones.

By Jeanmarie Loria