Every time I have a business meeting in Denver, I head to Golden.  I love to get out west just a bit more.  The hiking is outstanding, the gluten-free scene is awesome and certainly the mountains are magnificent!  There are way more mountains than I am used to in my parts of the east coast.  What first brought me to Golden was Red Rocks for a concert.  I heard that this was the best venue and it really has turned into my favorite.  It is a historic concert venue and never disappoints.

Beyond the concert scene, my next favorite thing to do outdoors is the Golden History Walking Tour that takes the participant on a 16 place stop through one-and-a-half miles of beautiful homes, stone buildings, gardens and a recreated historic farm and school yard. 

Of course for me it is more about the food and drink always, my favorite spots include:

Located in the heart of downtown Golden, Woody’s Wood Fired Pizza has been a local favorite since 1993  and I always stop in here for the salad bar and gluten-free pizza.  They have been voted best pizza, wings and bar in the city and I really do agree.

Gluten-free beer is a real thing all around Denver and my favorite in Golden is Holidaily Brewing.  In addition to the delicious beer, we are inspired by the story of this company, which “is the passion project of Karen Hertz, a craft beer enthusiast and lover of living life to the fullest.

Karen survived melanoma and thyroid cancer in her early 30’s, leading to a treatment plan including a gluten-free diet. Along with beating cancer came the desire to focus on health, happiness and a commitment to celebrate life every single day.” Read more about her story and their awesome brewery here.

Finally, after all the eating and drinking, how about some transformational yoga?  Core Power Yoga originated in Denver and this has been a comforting home away from home for me.  I have practiced in different Core Power Yoga studios across the country while at conferences or during work travel.  The story behind the start of this studio is very inspiring: “When a serious climbing accident left him with six permanent screws in his shattered ankle, CorePower Yoga Founder and CEO Trevor Tice experienced first-hand the transformational benefits of yoga [..] In 2002, Trevor opened the first CorePower Yoga studio on Grant Street in downtown Denver, CO, offering a proprietary form of athletic, heated yoga in modern, welcoming and spa-like studios. With six teachers, including Trevor, teaching four classes per day, it took several arduous months before classes began to fill up. But they did. And it wasn’t long before people were talking about this new yoga.” There are many studios and classes to select so please try one soon if you have the opportunity.

By: Jeanmarie Loria