This week I was back in Vegas but rather than a conference, I was there for a few meetings and some fun.  It is very pretty at Christmas time and I enjoyed all the music and lights.

While at the Wynn for a quick drink and meeting at the Parasol Bar, I saw Harrison Ford which made me ask the question, do you like him better as Han Solo or Indiana Jones?

Bro Montana, I also had a meeting in Caesar’s Forum shops which is where I passed by actual Joe Montana.

After so many trips to Vegas for conferences, I have learned of some good restaurants and quiet places for meetings.  A few of my favorite are:

Sadelles – Good for booting up at the bar and business meetings

Skybar – Happy Hour with clients 

Bouchon – Restaurant off the beaten path; quiet and amazing quality food 

Fashion Show Cafe – Coffee spot for work

By Jeanmarie Loria