After I go to New York, as we did last week, I always return to Orlando but more specifically Winter Park, FL.  Where is this little town and are there any greats who are from this beautiful place? So glad you asked.  

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, Mr. Rogers went to school at Rollins the liberal arts college in Winter Park, however, he is from Pennsylvania.  There is a healthcare legal great actually born and raised in Winter Park, you might know him: Jim Lenaghan and he helped us scope out Jai Alai last year when we couldn’t find it offered in Winter Park any longer so a big shout out to him for keeping us in the know of Winter Park yesterday and today.

Now for our favorite places and things in Winter Park, the new library is gorgeousThe boat tour is one of a kind.  Finally, the restaurants!  Just off of Rollins, is Park Ave which is home to some of the best coffee and restaurants in Central Florida. If you have been to the Advize office, you have been served Barnie’s Santa White Christmas, which is also served at their café on Park Ave.  Our favorite two restaurants on Park Ave are: Bosphorous and Ava. Both Mediterranean, is that an accident? Probably not. If you know us we love a Mediterranean diet and a rooftop bar.  Speaking of bars, our favorite spots in Winter Park are Bulla, The Parkview because of their out of this world Frozé and The Wine Room.

If you come to town, please hit me up, I would love to show you my college town and take you to the best Italian joint anywhere, it is invite only and very VIP.

To end with something sweet, the Glass Knife pictured above is our favorite place to bring friends, eat sweets, and take close selfies.

By Jeanmarie Loria