What does one do to prepare to ship up to Boston?  Easy:

  1. Watch The Departed
  2. Watch The Town
  3. Get some reservations to restaurants recommended by your local friends
  4. If you have extra time, repeat 1 & 2.

This week our Director of Litigation, FWA Support visited Boston for the first time.  Although it was a quick trip, a number of great meetings were had and most of all, delish food was enjoyed.  Now for the places:

Best Dish

Mexican Street Cod was out of this world at Legal Seafoods.

Favorite Place: North End

Watch for the cash only but you still need to do it.  So old school and delicious beneventosboston.com and giacomosboston.com are our favorites.

Gorgeous Theatre

Being an avid Broadway guy, Eric knows his venues but this was absolutely breathtaking https://www.bochcenter.org/

Next week, more pizza is in my future but this time it is on to a town with the second best everything (pizza and such).

See you soon!