This past week I played myself some YYZ when I landed in Toronto and was excited to enjoy this fabulous city that brought us the band Rush.  It is chilly in the winter but not bad if you know how to do it.  Of course plenty of indoor places to walk around and heated areas outside for the outdoor dining and such.  During the holidays I enjoy The Distillery Winter Village which offers shopping and dining options that could easily last all December – one day is not enough to do and see it all (for a full list, visit this link).

I really enjoyed the full French tour from wines and beers to the food and lighting at Cluny Bistro.  Moving from French to Ramen, Boku was so delicious.

Moving away from The Distillery, I enjoyed a few restaurants and one noteworthy bar.

Moxies has the best vibe and menu. It is a fun after dinner place and/or lunch venue for a meeting; it is both quiet and professional, yet still fun.

Beer Town is a fun restaurant for drinks and food.

Writer’s Room was a fun bar to close down the night because the view was beautiful and the people watch.

I was not there for nearly enough time due to the storm coming in but I really enjoyed my time and look forward to going back.

By Jeanmarie Loria