I was grounded in the Bronx (rather than my typical travel around to different cities), I drove over to one of my favorite boroughs and watched some scary movies to get ready for Halloween. Thinking about this spooky time of year, I love to read up on the scary stories of the area and “haunted” places.  I found a dated but good article which shared “if you’re thinking about being a ghost in the Bronx for Halloween, look out: you have company.”

Woodlawn Cemetery, located in The Bronx, is one of NYC’s largest cemeteries. This Natural Historic Landmark seems as if it’s located the country because it spans over 400 acres and doesn’t feel like you are in the city at all.  It is also the home of quite a few famous people from Miles Davis to Duke Ellington.

Sleepy Hollow is a village in the town of Mount Pleasant, in Westchester County and is 16 miles from The Bronx.  Sleepy Hallow is a classic short story that is considered an example of early American folklore and resurfaces every year around Halloween. Read more about the spoopy history here.

From haunted to historic, my favorite thing to pass on the way to The Bronx is Grant’s Tomb which is nestled at the very northern edge of Riverside Park which is located in Morningside Heights.  I also love the Cloisters and if you have not been, you can take a virtual tour.  Steeped in Bronx tradition is the best baseball team (obviously) The NY Yankees.  Although he stadium is new, it still feels like history.  

Finally for the restaurant scene, Arthur Avenue is located in the charming Belmont neighborhood and hosts historic establishments that serve Italian cuisine.  Although this has been featured in so many Food Network shows and other blogs, it is still fun to head to Arthur Ave. to shop and eat authentic Italian fare.

By: Jeanmarie Loria