Have you ever tried to have work meetings at the conference?  Sometimes it feels like you wish you could just do the conference, or just work, because it is hard to manage both, and other times it is just difficult to maintain a pulse on what is happening while you are fully immersed in the conference. 

This week, I noticed that conferences are coming back, and the environment of Cameras On continues. As I was sitting in a session with my camera on and mic on mute – although back in the day, I would have stayed on mute and wouldn’t have been on camera – apparently, I was getting some looks from the people behind me. They wanted to see who I was in a meeting with while I sat there typing in the chat to my team, while they were talking, and while I was listening to the session. 

As we continue on in this hybrid environment, new opportunities and challenges emerge.  Being the tremendous Get Smart fan that I am, I cannot help but wish there was a conference Cone of Silence.

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By: Jeanmarie Loria