Even if you’ve never heard of Conferenceitis, chances are that you’ve experienced it. Conferenceitis is characterized by fatigue, irritability, blistered feet, and an acute dependence on hand sanitizer – all caused by one common denominator: conference attendance.

You might love conferences, but you know what we’re talking about. The travel, the business attire, the obligation to remember names, faces, session times; late nights at “networking” events – they can exhaust even the most exuberant conference goer.

What if we told you that there was a way to combat Conferenceitis, even while exposing yourself to its very cause?

There is, and it’s called YogAuditing. With HIMSS 2020 upon us, it’s important that we take precautions in order to avoid Conferenceitis. A daily dose of mindfulness, coupled with yoga and education is just what the doctor ordered.